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Week 8 blog post – remixing
Indian Summer – Foreign Formula (my choice of remix)
Indian summer are a couple of Aussie dj’s who tour Australia playing the remixes they made, they are original and often don’t resemble anything like actual song, as they often use random sounds.

I couldn’t choose between these two for my gaming remix, and even though one isn’t from machinima it was too awesome to leave out

Schucks you – by woodysgamertag he commentates for machinima so he is basically from machinima
The song was made in honor of cod 6:modern warfare 2 in an effort to capture the plight of the average gamer who is being killed by a weapon that is considered by gamers as cheap, as it requires no skill to operate, and caused much anguish in the amongst the gaming community.

This is the actual clip from machinima it is a remix of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s hit ‘thrift shop’ instead it’s called ‘tricks hot as it is call of duty related anime clip with the backing track of daft punk’s ‘harder,better,faster, stronger’


Week 7 Post – Creativity and Gaming










This week we were given an ipad in our tutorial and told that we had roughly 50 minutes to create a game. What surprised me was the time consumed, the level of creativity associated and difficulty in designing what was supposedly a simple game. As someone who has spent many hours gaming I thought that with the instructions and my extensive knowledge of gaming I could create a game easily, I had already begun to have visions of what my game would look like.

Through the early stages of the introductory tutorial I found myself far ahead of the people surrounding me, as I had a general knowledge of gaming and the internal logic behind the games. As I understood that each character needed their own behavioural patterns etc.

However, as I created new characters, I found that I was forgetting much of the internal logic and game patterns that I had previously done. In my endeavour to finish my complex idea of a game, in the limited time allotted in an effort to create “gameful learning” and increase engagement (Educause, 2014, p.1). Which had crept up on me, as the numerous amount of creative license the game provided the creator led to a significant amount of time wasting. As the large scope of creativity forced me to choose, the background, the characters, the objectives of the game, as well as many more. Each of these options had their own sub-options which caused me to become distracted.

However, it was in fact the opposite, as this sense of hubris that I had developed from years of gaming and the “play the game, don’t read the manual” (Gee 2012) attitude I have adopted inhibited my ability to create a complex a fully functioning game. In my hasty attempt to implement the various “tactics” as well as more “strategy” (Educause, p.2) such as a broader range of characters, I missed many key aspects, to do with the interaction these new characters had with the game, but also the main character, like forgetting to provide behaviours, and reactions to what happens when they come in contact with the main character. However the Educause (p.2) reading suggests that my failure to program properly is “neither a setback nor an outcome but rather an indication that more work is needed”.

Ultimately in my efforts to create an “engaging and fun” (Educause, p.3) gaming experience that “inspires students to develop competencies and skills” (Educause, p.1) I learnt the difficulties in the creative design process, such as the time consumed in designing even a simple game and have gained a greater appreciation and respect for game designers.


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Week 5 Post – Movies and Television


On your blog, embed a Youtube or Vimeo of a movie or TV show trailer or extract that is significant for you culturally and/or personally. Post a paragraph about why you chose it, what specific features of the movie / show are important. Link the Bailey reading for this week in your explanation.

Summer Heights High(SHH) is a culturally significant text as it reveals though the lens of satire and comedy in mockumentary form, the challenges in the education system through the perspectives of three different people, a drama teacher who has a passion for education, a snobby student who is on exchange from a much wealthier private school and a boy from an ethnic background, who is not conventionally considered as intelligent. The series is culturally important as it breaks down some of the barriers and misconceptions in the education system between people from public and private schools. Through the medium of comedy we are provided with the “opportunity to re-define who are” and reveal “how we might change society toward more than just social arrangements” (Bailey 2011, p.92).

The series satires the common stereotypes people have about public schools, and how everyone is “povo” as Jai’me the lead private school girl puts it, while simultaneously making fun of the elitist and snobby private school students who look down on public schools. The series gained notoriety for its abrasiveness and willingness to confront numerous issues that affect teenagers and teachers. Such as drug overdoses, disabled students and molestation in a tongue-and-cheek way. Although the nature of the show was absurd and humorous the series did endeavor to “solve problems” (Bailey, 2011, p.77 citing Barton & Hamilton, 1998; Cope & Kalantzis, 2000; Fairclough, 2000; Jewitt & Kress, 2003; Kress & van Leeuwen, 2001) as well as attempting to “make sense of their lives in a variety of social and cultural ways”.

Ultimately, through a comedic examination, SHH redefined the ways in which we view the education system as new literacies have “a way of making sense of difficult situations” (Bailey, 2011, P.77 citing Scribner, S., & Cole, M. 1981), and as a result provide the audience with a greater understanding of social and cultural paradigms.



Bailey, B. (2011). “When I make a film, it’s out of my head”: Expressing emotion and healing through digital filmmaking in the classroom. Digital Culture & Education, 3(2), 76-97. Retrieved from:


Week 3 Post – New Literacies

Jennifer-Lawrence-photo 2    New literacies:

The revolving and expanding nature of the internet, communication and technology means that creating new literacies are an integral part in connecting global communities. Through these technological advancements we are forced to continually adapt our skills and practices in an endeavour to transition between these new practices (Lankshear & Knobel). The main purpose of new literacies involves affinity spaces and interaction between people, as they share and critique bodies of work, in an attempt to collaboratively forge a better body of work.


Tumblr is a platform where users can create a page dedicated to whatever they want, allowing them to post messages and pictures so they can express themselves. People can view and communicate with other people’s pages who share similar interests.

I chose a site on tumblr dedicated to Jennifer Lawrence who is a rising star in Hollywood, as she is the centre for much fascination and love on the interest. This could be because she is a good actress who is involved in many comical interviews and mishaps such as her falling over on the red carpet multiple times.



Fan Fiction:

One of the most popular and mainstream new literacies is fan fiction(Lankshear & Knobel) as it has redefined the ways in which fans can communicate and share their appreciation for various films, television shows and novels. Fan fiction often occurs in sci-fi and cult classics shows such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

One of the more notable genres of fan fiction is that of Doctor Who. It often occurs with cult classics, and doctor who is almost the original cult classic, as it has been running for over 50 years. This particular piece of fan fiction focuses on a single event, and the potential events in a parallel world, as the real show cut the actress and focuses only on the current time timeline with the Doctor.

Coldplay vs Lionel Ritchie ft. Diana Ross “endless yellow”

The creation of mash-ups can serve many purposes; it can be to pay homage to a number of song writers, and showing the respect. It could just be because they intend to make fun f certain artists that they dislike, for amusement. Many Dj’s do it now effectively in order to create whole album’s as they are becoming popular with young people.



What does the fox say





Ylvis – The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)

The nature of the internet means that things can be shared and gain popularity very quickly. For a video to become viral it must be addictive, memorable or visual stimulating so people can watch it multiple times. One of these video’s that has gained huge popularity is a song by a Swedish musician/singer called “what does the fox say”, and it parodies the sounds made by animals, until it reaches the fox, where he decides to make up various lyrics, such as “Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa” and “Joff-tchoff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoff”. Combined with the infectious rhythm of the song and people dancing with fox masks it is easy to see how it has become viral.




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